Guilt-free nutty chocolate & banana brownies.
November 8, 2015 | 42 comments

There is nothing more comforting than cuddling up on the sofa with a hot cup of tea, a blanket and a home-baked treat. It makes the whole house smell amazing and there’s something quite satisfying about eating something you’ve concocted entirely on your own. This brings me to today’s recipe…

I was challenged by to create “a deceivingly decadent dessert” from a batch of ingredients they would send me. Always up for a challenge (and any excuse to make healthy desserts) I waited for my package to arrive.

When it did, it contained buckwheat flour, coconut sugar, coconut oil, agave syrup, almond butter, cacao powder, hazelnuts and almonds… I knew straight away that I wanted to make my healthy chocolate brownie recipe that for some reason, I’ve never actually shared on this blog. I managed to tweak my own recipe slightly to include all the ingredients I was sent, and I’m thrilled at how the brownies turned out – and I have it on good authority from my official taste tester (Seth) that they are delicious.

2015-11-08 12.51.55

Let’s jump right in shall we?

To make 9 good sized brownies you will need:

Heat your oven to 180 degrees C.

Then (the next part is so easy, you will feel like you’re cheating) blend all your ingredients together in one big bowl and set aside side to rest…
PicMonkey Collage
Line a muffin tray with little squares of parchment paper & spoon the mixture out evenly:

2015-11-08 12.23.28

Trust me, this is one bowl you’ll want to lick…

2015-11-08 12.27.25

Add a hazelnut to each one (and if you’re feeling really fancy, you can spoon a bit of almond butter into the centre of each one before baking too for a melty, nutty surprise):

2015-11-08 12.24.58

And pop in the oven for 15 minutes. (If you like them gooey, take them out after 10 mins and check consistency – I wanted them more of a ‘muffin’ texture so left them in for longer, but it’s entirely up to you).

While you’re waiting, grab a cup of tea.

Before you know it, the timer will ping and Voila!

2015-11-08 12.49.04

The most perfect, banana-ry, chocolate-y, nutty brownies you’ve ever tasted – and without any of the bad stuff.

The only thing left to do is get stuck in… perfect with a dollop of home-made nutella, some almond butter or even some fresh cream & berries.

Eat them hot – it’s the best way!

2015-11-08 12.53.27

It honestly couldn’t be simpler.

Let me know if you give this a go, and if you do – please tag me using #CookwithQM and #aocooks so I can share your photo.

Bon Appetit!

  1. So clever of you to just adapt a recipe and it still turns out OK. I am absolutely RUBBISH at winging it, I can’t even follow a recipe, let alone think of a substitution.

    These sound super easy tho, so I may give them a go. :-)

  2. This looks so lovely!
    Will save the recipe to make when
    I will expect some guest!
    What a win – win = looks yummy and healthy! :) It is amazing that you were able to create the recipe yourself.

  3. I’ve never baked with buckwheat flour – does it have much of a flavor? Anyway, anything brownies/chocolate and I’m so there, especially when it’s healthy-ish!

    • It just tastes like normal flour to me Allysia – I find it the same! Maybe a little more nuttier/maltier – but for the most part I can’t tell the difference. x

  4. Recently learnt that I am allergic to gluten AND dairy (i know right?)… so these sound like they will change my life!

    Is it ok to double the recipe and make them in a 9 x 9 pan instead of a muffin tin? Sometimes recipes don’t work when doubled.

    Thanks in advance. Lau

    • You absolutely can double/cut in half as needed. A 9 x 9 pan will work wonders – just slice them into squares when done and allow to cool x

  5. Oh my goodness, I love the sound of these. Do you think it would work to substitute the ground nuts for ground coconut? I am allergic to nuts. xx

    • Hi Emerlie, I don’t see why not – but make sure its dessicated coconut. You may have to play around with the proportions as coconut can be a little overwhelming. I might encourage you to undercook them a little so they don’t dry out too much. Let me know how they turn out.

  6. Wow, I would never think of creating brownies from these ingredients – especially not with banana as the main ingredient. I can’t wait to give these a go. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Love from Sweden.
    Jasmina x

  7. Yum! These look SO good and I love the “deceivingly delicious” theme – I have a HUGE bag of coconut sugar so I am always looking for recipes to use it up. I also love the kiss of hazelnut in this – these are perfect for the weather – will absolutely give it a go!! xx SS

  8. These look so delicious! I always make banana bread (usually because I’ve bought bananas and then forgotten about them..) as I feel slightly less guilty about overindulging on it but I love the nutty, chocolaty twist you’ve added here. Hazelnuts in anything are a winner in my eyes!

    CB x

  9. OMG, Ash, these look ABSOLUTELY amazing! I have a sweet tooth that I wish I didn’t as that’d be so much better for my health but having said that, if I am going to eat sweet treats, I’m sure it’d be far better for me to do so with something like this where at least it feels a little wholesome!!

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